About Anna’s Case mobile phone stands

Anna’s Case mobile phone stand is made from Hostacom PP, a scratch resistant material with a matte and soft feel to the surface. Its tactile feel enhances the modern design of the product. It immediately attracts you to putting your mobile in the stand. The material is recyclable and the stand is designed for low material consumption at manufacturing.

The mobile phone stand consists of two parts. A back piece which is mounted onto the wall and a front piece which slides onto the back piece for seamless mounting. The stand is mounted with screws or strong, water resistant, double-sided tape. Tape is included with the product at purchase and is particularly useful for surfaces where drilling should be avoided.  

The material is easy to clean and withstands all commonly used detergents as well as large temperature varations.

Measurements: 11,5 x 11,5 x 7 cm. Weight: c. 120g.

Design: David Quick, Falun, Sweden

Links to investigations on mobile phone usage at restrooms:


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